Air Purifier Puripot P1 No Filter Photocatalytic Function Air Sterilization hrjcoltd-test

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・Since there is no standard filter, there is almost no need to clean the filter! Regular air purifiers end up emitting bad air if you don't take care of the filter, but puripot does not require maintenance and will maintain clean air forever. - Unique photocatalytic function sterilizes and deodorizes the air. UV and ozone air purifiers may have an effect on the human body, but puripot uses visible light, so there is no adverse effect on the human body.・Removes pollen and PM2.5 in rooms up to 8 tatami. Protects people who are bothered by pollen, people who are concerned about cigarette smoke, and households with small children and the elderly. - Equipped with an automatic operation mode that detects the state of the surrounding air and automatically controls the strength of air purification. LED lights indicate the current air condition. The humidifying and aroma functions provide moisturizing and soothing effects (the humidifying function is set to a weak setting as it is intended to be used throughout the year).Please use a water-soluble aroma oil. It has a quiet design, so you won't be bothered by the operating noise even in your bedroom. Weighing only 450g, it is extremely lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere.・Length 10cm x Length 10cm x Height 20cm. Electricity bill is 100 yen per month for all-day operation. Comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Product contents include main unit, power adapter, USB cable (Type-C), and Japanese manual.


Category Air cleaner, Household appliances, Home Electric Appliance
Model Photocatalytic function Air sterilization
Color White
AccessoriesInstruction manual

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