SBTM319 Seiko Selection Solar Powered Radio Clock The Standard Men's Watch

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Genuine Seiko Selection Solar Powered radio-controlled watch Distribution limited model Made in Japan Radio-controlled Solar Powered Men's Watch SBTM319 SEIKO SELECTION The Standard Analog Green ◆ Caliber 7B72 (with electronic crown) has a high-quality Solar Powered radio-controlled watch. By adding a step to the lug of the case, the light and darkness is emphasized, giving a crisp impression. The abbreviation is a separate Metal part to enhance the texture of the index. Lumibright is used for the hands, so it is visible even at night. SapphireGlass has a super clear coating. The dial visibility is improved by suppressing the reflection of light, and the antifouling film on the surface makes it difficult for Stain to adhere. Equipped with an electronic crown, it makes it easier to correct the time difference, and also receives standard radio waves from 6 stations in 5 areas (Japan, China, US, Germany, and the UK). JIS1 class magnetic resistance compatible. Release date: Released in May 2010


Category Mens watches, Watches
Material caseStainless Steel
Material beltStainless Steel (wave pin type)
Model The Standard
Dial face colorGreen
Country of originMade in Japan
Adjustable braceletUp to 20 cmcm

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