SBXY039 Astron NEXTER Men's Watch

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Genuine Seiko Astron NEXTER World Time Made in Japan Radio Solar Powered Men's Watch SBXY039 SEIKO ASTRON NEXTER Analog Black ◆ ASTRON has released a series "NEXTER" for next-generation leaders. Based on the concept of "Solidity & Harmonic", it expresses the presence as a watch suitable for leaders with strong beliefs and the qualities necessary for the next generation of leaders. Sapphire Glass, which gives off an overwhelming presence and luxury, and the case molding that gives a stylish impression create dignity and dignity. The case-integrated Titanium Blur Rubbert enhances the presence of the case and gives it a light and sophisticated impression. The straight and sharp index and hour and minute hands are decorated with Lumibright for a powerful and fearless look. Super clear coating provides outstanding visibility in any scene and at any angle. The compact and low center of gravity of the Titanium case and the Blurred Rubbert provide stress-free wearability. Release date: Released in May 2010


Category Mens watches, Watches
Material caseTitanium
Material beltTitanium (C ring type)
Dial face colorBlack
Country of originMade in Japan
Adjustable bracelet20cmcm

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